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  • Available in 4'x4', 4'x8', 5'x10'
  • CAD/CAM Pro Features

Introducing the ShopJet waterjet cutting machine by Koike, a versatile powerhouse that inherits the trusted design of our renowned ShopPro plasma/oxy-fuel cutter. Whether you're into precision stonework, cutting metals up to two inches thick, or shearing textiles, the ShopJet delivers with exceptional .0015-inch repeatability, ensuring clean and accurate cuts every time.

This machine is built for ultimate performance, featuring a direct drive helical rack and pinion system that sets it apart in its class. What makes it even more appealing is its compact footprint, making it suitable for shops of all sizes. You'll also benefit from essential features like the FlashCut Pro Series Waterjet Software, KMT waterjet systems, and the advanced Integral Diamond Eductor cutting head.

Tailored to your unique needs, the ShopJet can be equipped with a range of pump options, ensuring it's the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Trusted Industry Leader Support:
    • Backed by a long-time industry leader with localized service, support, and parts.
  • Robust Steel Construction:
    • Built with a solid steel construction, utilizing Koike's proven design, ensuring a robust and sturdy foundation for your cutting needs.
  • Strict ISO 230-2 Standards:
    • Crafted to adhere to ISO 230-2 standards, guaranteeing accuracy and repeatability in every cut.
  • Minimal Heat Effects:
    • Guaranteed to have no heat-affected parts or discoloration during use, maintaining the integrity of your materials.
  • Exceptional Repeatability:
    • Constant .0015-inch repeatability for consistently accurate cutting results.
  • High-Performance Drive System:
    • Utilizes a direct drive helical rack and pinion system for maximum cutting performance.
  • Comprehensive Support:
    • Benefit from localized service and parts support, ensuring peak performance is always maintained.
  • Hassle-Free Installation:
    • Designed for plug-and-play convenience, enabling quick installation and set-up.
  • Customization Options:
    • Enhance efficiency and performance with a range of add-on options tailored to your specific needs.
  • Customization Options:
    • Enhance efficiency and performance with a range of add-on options tailored to your specific needs.
  • Expert Training:
    • Includes educational training for maximum precision and proficient use of the machine.
  • Convenient Shipping:
    • Can be conveniently shipped on a standard 8-foot truck.
  • Abrasive Included:
    • Receive 2,200 pounds of FREE abrasive with every machine order.
  • Table Sizing Options:
    • Choose from 4'x4', 4'x8', and 5'x10' models to match your cutting requirements.
  • Advanced Software:
    • Equipped with FlashCut Pro CAD/CAM Software.
  • Warranty Assurance:
    • Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty on your machine.
  • Comprehensive CAD/CAM Software Licensing:
    • Includes licenses for both the machine and remote software for comprehensive functionality.