Wel-Handy Multi Next **Newest Portable Welding Machine** Wel-Handy Multi Next
Compact Welding Carriage for Semi-Automated Welding

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A high performance welding carriage that is equipped with a powerful drive motor and is available with diversifying application of welding carriage. Due to the newly developed gearbox, the durability of the series best driving system has been secured.


Features and Benefits

  • Multi position guide rollers ensure proper alignment with work piece
  • Perform straight line, stitch and weave type welds with the same carriage
  • Strong enough for overhead applications
  • Built in interface to welder.
  • Does not require additional cabling for weaver
  • Machine will pause and perform a back step while welding. Ensures exact wire deposition throughout the weld
  • Enhanced limit switch features. Stops the machine at the end of each weld but Doubles as a jog to position with a single press of the switch
  • Encoder drive motor and control
  • Multiple torch mounting configurations.
  • Optional weaving unit (plug and play)






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