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Pipe Rolls | Adjustable High-Capacity Light-Weight Turning Rolls Rated up to 6,000 lbs

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When it comes to Pipe Rolls at Koike Aronson, versatility and performance are at the center.

Our PRD3 and PRI3 rubber-tired Driver and Idler rolls are designed for ease of use and transportability, making them ideal for any work site. Despite their compact size, a single Driver and two Idlers can effectively support loads of up to 4-1/2 tons.

Additionally, our WPR Pipe Rolls are engineered to handle heavy-duty tasks with a remarkable 5,000-pound load capacity and a wide diameter range from 3 inches to 24 inches. These rolls come equipped with a 14-inch center setting, a 48-inch frame length, 50-2IPM @ 1,200-pound tractive pull, and a 30:1 SCR DC drive, along with taper lock hubs for seamless wheel adjustment.

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