Pipe Welding Package

The Pipe Welding Package is designed to perform highly effective pipe welding automation at a lower cost.

The Aronson line of positioners are made in the USA. Simply Better Built.

No one welding package is right for every shop, but every shop can use a Welding Package. Whether your are looking at installing a new welding system or your adding to your existing welding fabrication line to boost productivity and improve effectiveness on your existing systems, we have the right solution.

Need help deciding which welding package is right for your business? We have more than 100 years of experience, so we’re confident you’ll find a solution that will meet your productivity goals. Talk to us today and discover how our packages can improve your efficiency.

The standard system includes:

  • 6x6 foot Cricket-I Manipulator with powered lift and manual reach.
  • 660 pound fixed height positioner with variable speed rotation and start/stop foot switch and manual tilt, mounted to a riser base to provide a 32 inch working height. 
  • Programmable torch weaver
  • 3 Jaw self centering welding chuck

Manipulator Weaver and Positioner controls mounted to the end of the boom for operator convenience.

Mounted to a mobile car for mobility which includes manual mast rotation. 

WU-3 Torch Weaver includes controls for weave width,
frequency, dwell (left, center and right) and torch origin
settings. The compact unit allows for changing parameters
before or during the weld process.
Speed: 15.7 - 59.0 inch/min
Swing Width: 0 to 3.94 Inches
Left/Right Dwell time: 0 to 10 Seconds

Two in One : Wel-Handy Multi Next welding carraige

Wel-Handy Multi Next

The WU-3 weaver is an intergrated part of the Wel-Handy Multi Next.

The unit can be removed and used as portable welding carriage for performing

fillet welds without the need for track.

Perform straight line, stitch and weave type welds with the same carriage.

Strong enough for overhead applications.

Need a larger solution?

Let us customize a welding package solution for you.





Wel-Handy Multi Next




MD Tilt/Turn Positioner

1,500 and 3,000 pound models available.  Hand Pendant controlled, variable speed rotation.   Fixed and adjustable height bases available.  Optional foot switches, and digital commanded speed controls can be added upon request.

Turning Rolls

3,000 pounds to 20 ton sets available for a wide range of weights and diameters.  Hand Pendant controlled, variable speed rotation.

Welding Chucks

31 1/4” and 44” 3 jaw self-centering chucks available. Larger chuck capacity will require upsizing to MD15 or MD30.

Outboard Support Stands



Outboard support stands can increase the capacity of the welding station.  2-48 inch diameter range with capacities from 1,000 to 10,000 pounds.  8 inches diameter polyurethane wheels. Vertical adjustment of 8 in provides infinite height settings by means of Acme screw and nut.


Miller® Pipework 400 system - (option)

Simplified and optimized for pipe fabrication shop welding, the Miller Electric PipeWorx systems provides a streamlined set-up with one touch welding, quick process changeover, and Pulsed and Modified Short-Arc MIG processes, makes training and turn-around times faster than ever before.

Mounting plate for Pipeworx remote included.


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