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Cricket-II | Medium-Duty Welding Manipulator Ideal for Subarc, GTAW, & GMAW Applications

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Introducing the Cricket-II Manipulator, a versatile welding solution designed to handle a wide range of applications with ease. This medium-duty ball screw manipulator boasts an impressive 500 lbs. load capacity, making it the standout choice for subarc welding, GTAW, and GMAW applications, delivering the stability necessary for consistent welds and precise joint alignment. 

Additonal features such as CAM roller guidance, a pre-configured boom/ram end that seamlessly accommodates cross slides or standard wire feeders, and efficient through-the-boom cable management all contribute to its enhanced operational efficiency. Paired with NEMA-12 electrical enclosures, the Cricket-II ensures secure indoor operation, providing protection against foreign debris, dust, and water.

For added versatility, the manipulator offers a mast rotation option, allowing operators to swing the boom out of the work area or work between two stations with a single manipulator. Additional customization options include travel cars, digital speed controls, and self-standing bases, making the Cricket-II a versatile and indispensable tool for various welding needs.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Impressive Load Capacity:
    • Supports up to 500lbs. despite its medium size.
  • Electrical Safety:
    • NEMA 12 electrical components for enhanced safety and protection.
  • Reach Control Options:
    • Choose between manual rack & pinion reach or opt for the convenience of powered reach adjustment, giving you flexibility in handling.
  • Precise Guidance:
    • Benefit from precision with CAM roller guidance implemented on both the lift and reach axes, ensuring smooth and accurate movement.
  • Anti-Fall Mechanism:
    • Features a reliable ball screw mechanism with an integrated anti-fall system, adding an extra layer of safety to your operations.
  • Efficient Cable Management:
    • Manage cables effortlessly with the choice to pass them through the boom for a clean and organized setup or arrange them over the top for easy access.

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