Portable Multi-purpose Benchtop Positioner and Turntable          

The new LD Series is designed to grow with you. Built to meet the toughest welding environment. The drive system accurately maintains rotation speed under maximum load while resisting TIG welding noise.

Features | Standard Equipment

The standard model has 8 fixed positions, 0 to 105 degrees in 15 degree increments. Making the standard model LD-4 an ideal turntable. Slotted hole table design for quick set up of fixtures.  Tapped holes are a standard feature made for the optional 3 jaw self-centering scroll chuck ( 3 sizes available).

Multi-position Table

Eight locked weld positions at 0,15,30,45,60,75,90 and 105 degrees. (Optional manual gearbox tilt available)



The round table has four slots for attaching a workpiece or fixture. A 3/8" thru hole helps to locate fixtures and allows for cables, piping, etc. to travel through the spindle. The table contains clearance and tapped holes for mounting the optional WP, three jaw self-centering scroll chuck.


TIG & MIG Ready

300 Amp rotary welding ground provides secure clamping of cable terminals and ensures continuous, non-varying weld circuit conduction. Inert gas welding back purge connections for TIG applications. 3/8” NPT tapped thru holes are located on the tabletop of the bench positioner and the bottom of the spindle, making for a more convenient and accessible setup.


Maintained Remote Table  Rotation - Locking Foot Switch Type (Ideal for TIG)

Remote foot switch control with 8’ foot cord. Allows continuous rotation, at set speed and direction. Once turned on, rotation will continue until pressed again.









Legendary craftsmanship and build quality.


Made in the USA by the same skilled tradesmen that build all Aronson positioners.


Local support and component availability. 


Designed  to provide a versatile bench positioner with stable positioning on a wide range of rotation speeds.


Built to handle maximum load capacity throughout the entire range. Nearly double the capacity of the competition.



Tilt Gearbox (Bolt on to standard model) Option

Greater adjustment range from 0° to 105°. Self locking worm gear drive.


Momentary Remote Table Rotation Option

Foot switch with 8’ cord controls turntable on and off in conjunction with speed setting and direction.


3 Jaw Self Centering Scroll Chucks Option                 

Allows fast setup of cylindrical shapes.  Heavy-duty construction and a completely enclosed faceplate prevents flux and weld splatter from impairing operation.


Rotary Union Option (TIG)

The rotary union option connects to 3/8” NPT tapped hole on the standard LD-4.  Allows welding back purge gas hose to stay free of kinking or twisting.



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