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180 Degree Tilter | Compact Horizontal Axis Tilt For Down-Hand or Flat Welding Access

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In many work environments, you may fine that a 180 Degree Tilter offers a swift alternative to the intricate setup often needed for head and tailstock positioners. Their 90 degree tilt from the horizontal position ensures convenient access for down-hand or flat welding, while maintaining open and accessible weldment ends. These versatile 180 Degree Tilters operate within a single range of motion, making them well-suited for various applications.

Additionally, they occupy significantly less floor space compared to alternative positioning equipment.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Electrical Safety:
    • NEMA 12 electrical components for enhanced safety and protection.
  • Optional Table Rotation:
    • Allows for dynamic application and readjustment for longer weldments. 
  • Powered ± 90° Tilt:
    • Assures accessibility for down-hand or flat welding.
  • AC Brake Motors:
    • Utilizes AC brake motors to enhance safety and control.
  • Optional Geared Elevation Models Available.

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