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Internal, External & Flat Plate Models

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Internal-external seam welders are cantilevered from one end that allows loading and unloading of open and closed sections onto the mandrel arm.

Our longitudinal seam welder can handle seam lengths from 2 to 12-feet, with diameters 4-1/2" and more. Pneumatically controlled aluminum clamps hold up to 3/8" thick material during the welding process.

A variety of water-cooled back-up bars with or without gas purge are available for several weld processes such as submerged arc, MIG, and TIG welding.

A powered rack and pinion drive carriage moves the welding head along the full seam length with additional 6" of travel allowing 3" for start and run-off tabs.

Seam Welder Features

  • Rack and pinion powered carriage
  • Optional Copper tipped hold down fingers
  • Water cooled back-up bar
  • Gas purge back-up bar
  • Standard plate thickness up to 3/8"
  • Welding equipment can be provided or customer supplied

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