Automatic Seam Welding Machine

Internal, External & Flat Plate Models



Longitudinal seam welder provides accurate cylinder manufacturing that is simply and cost effective to operate.

Let us customize a solution for your automatic seam welding machine needs.

Internal, external and flat plate seamers are available and can be customized depending on length , diameter and thickness required for each specific application.

Our longitudinal seam welder can handle seam lengths from 2 to 12-feet, with diameters 4-1/2" and more. Pneumatically controlled aluminum clamps hold up to 3/8" thick material during the welding process.

A variety of water-cooled back-up bars with or without gas purge are available for several weld processes such as submerged arc, MIG, and TIG welding.

A powered rack and pinion drive carriage moves the welding head along the full seam length with additional 6" of travel allowing 3" for start and run-off tabs.

Automatic Seam Welder Features

  • +/- 0.009” travel accuracy over 10 feet
  • Rack and pinion powered carriage
  • Standard copper tipped hold down fingers
  • Optional gas purge back-up bar
  • Standard plate thickness up to 3/8"
  • Welding equipment can be provided or customer supplied

Control Features

  • Hand held 5.7 inch high-resolution display with E-Stop
  • Four (4) operation Modes, Jog/Run/Position/Index
  • Programmable carriage speed and travel distance
  • Auto return to start position
  • Automated weld arc ON/OFF with travel
  • Soft limits, no limit switches to fail


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