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AGW-LW | Light Weight Automatic Girth Welder For High-Speed X-Ray Quality Horizontal Tank Welds

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The Light Weight Automatic Girth Welder (AGW-LW) is an automatic system that speeds up construction of thin walled field-erected storage tanks.

It straddles the shell plates riding on adjustable flanged wheels at operator controlled speeds of 4 to 105 IPM (.10—2.67 M/min). It can handle plates as thin as 3/16 inches and tank diameters down to 12’. Equipped with welding head, controls, flux support belts and recovery unit for 3 o’clock welding.

Standard controls and welding head, straightener and 50 bs. (22.7Kg) wire reel included. The adjustable submerged arc flux belt mechanism ensures retention of the flux at the joint, and efficient recycling of flux.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Light-Weight Construction:
    • The AGW-LW is 40% lighter than its AGW I/II counterpart. 
  • Remarkable Efficiency:
    • The AGW-LW is a time-saving powerhouse, effectively welding up to 40% quicker compared to conventional methods.
  • Adjustable Frame:
    • Easily accommodates plates of between 6ft. to 10ft. tall (1.8m-3m), offering versatility for a wide range of welding projects.
  • Unlimited Tank Diameters:
    • With a base-minimum of 20 ft., the AGW handles unlimited tank diameters, ensuring flexibility in your welding applications.
  • Rapid Travel Control Options:
    • Provides precise control over rapid travel, with options for high and low settings, enabling you to maneuver with ease and precision.
  • Self-Propelled Efficiency:
    • Offers a broad, self-propelled speed range, ranging from 4 to 105 inches per minute, ensuring smooth and adaptable operation.
  • Thin Plate Precision:
    • Capable of handling plates as thin as 3/16 in.

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