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Seam Welder | Longitudinal Precision Welding for Cylinders

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Experience precision and cost-effective cylinder manufacturing with our Longitudinal Seam Welder that effortlessly handles seam lengths ranging from 2 to 12 feet, accommodating diameters of 4-1/2" and beyond.

A unique handheld Human Machine Interface (HMI) makes operation simple and reliable, using pneumatically controlled aluminum clamps securely grip materials up to 3/8" thick throughout the welding procedure while the powered rack and pinion drive carriage ensures seamless movement of the welding head along the entire seam length. An additional 6 inches of travel is provided, allocating 3 inches for both start and run-off tabs.

Select from a diverse range of water-cooled back-up bars, available with or without gas purge, tailored for various welding processes like submerged arc, MIG, and TIG welding. Internal, external and flat plate seamers are available and can be customized depending on length, diameter, and thickness required for each specific application.

Seam Welder Features:

  • Travel Accuracy:
    • Achieve a remarkable travel accuracy of +/- 0.009” over a span of 10 feet.
  • Powered Carriage:
    • Utilize the efficiency of a rack and pinion powered carriage for seamless motion.
  • Hold Down Fingers:
    • Equipped with standard copper-tipped hold-down fingers for reliable performance.
  • Plate Thickness:
    • Seamlessly handle standard plate thicknesses up to 3/8".
  • Welding Equipment Flexibility:
    • Compatible welding equipment can be provided or supplied by the customer.
  • Optional Gas Purge Back-Up Bar:
    • Opt for an optional gas purge back-up bar to enhance your welding process.

HMI Controller Features:

  • Handheld High-Resolution Display:
    • Navigate with ease using the 5.7-inch high-resolution display, complete with an E-Stop feature.
  • Four Operation Modes:
    • Enjoy the flexibility of four distinct operation modes: Jog, Run, Position, and Index.
  • Programmable Carriage:
    • Take command of your welding process with programmable carriage speed and travel distance.
  • Auto-Return Function:
    • Streamline operations with a convenient auto-return to the start position feature.
  • Automated Weld Arc Control:
    • Seamlessly manage the welding process with an automated weld arc ON/OFF that is synchronized with travel.
  • Soft Limits:
    • Benefit from the reliability of soft limits, eliminating the need for limit switches that are prone to failure.

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