Universal Balance Positioner

Capacity of up to 4,000-pounds
Versatile Performance, Infinite Applications


Koike Aronson Ransome Universal Balance Welding Positioners allow for  safe and quick manipulation of large, awkward work objects, especially  when it is critical to maintain an efficient down-hand welding position. A welder can position objects up to 4,000 lbs, by simply applying fingertip pressure, a welder does not need to raise a helmet or break an arc.

The Welding Universal Balance principle is to intersect the rotational axis center of gravity with that of the tilt axis. Workpieces can then be rotated 360-degrees around both axes, and in most cases, around the Positioner column. A universally balanced load allows effortless access to any desired location upon a mounted fixture.

The Worktable is at one end of the Arm and a worm and worm gear segment are at the other end. The Arm and the Gear Box are integral. A Shaft at the extreme end of the gear box rotates in Tapered Roller Bearings, in a barrel shaped housing. A simple adjustment of the worm by the operator will change the angle of the arm, allowing the tilt axis of the arm to intersect the center of gravity of the work-piece in the third dimension. With both axes intersecting the center of gravity of the work-piece, it can be pushed or pulled by your hand and simply put wherever you want it. . . effortlessly. . . because it is in balance. This is the principle of the Koike Aronson Universal Balance Positioner.

Universal Balance Welding Positioner models are available in capacities of 100 lb. to 4,000 lb. An optional variable-speed powered axis offers the ability to semi-automate many processes. Brakes and custom-engineered models are available for special applications.

Welding Universal Balance Features

  • Machined Tables
  • Caster Bases Available
  • Manual Height Adjustment
  • Friction Lock Brakes
  • Powered rotation available

"Without a doubt your product has made my job easier and quality and quantity top notch."
Mike Monroe

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