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Anti-Drift | Precision Vessel Stability With Automatic Adjustment Control Rated up to 1,200 Ton

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Introducing the Anti-Drift Roll: the ultimate solution for effortlessly ensuring the stability of your vessel. With its two synchronized "Steerable Wheels" powered by AC servo motors, this cutting-edge system dynamically counters any lateral movement your vessel might experience.

During setup, the user-friendly "Neutral Position Indicators" make alignment quick and easy, ensuring optimal wheel-to-vessel centerline alignment. Once in operation, the Drift Sensor keeps a watchful eye on your vessel, sending real-time data to the Anti-Drift Control, which responds with precision adjustments to the idler axles.

With the Anti-Drift Roll, you can maintain your vessel's girth joint within +/- 3 mm of longitudinal movement. Plus, our programmable over-travel feature provides added safety by sounding an alarm and initiating a rotation stop if drift exceeds preset limits. Invest in the Anti-Drift Roll today for seamless vessel stability, unbeatable precision, and peace of mind during operation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Precise Positioning:
    • Holds axial vessel position within +/- 3 mm (.12").
  • Minimal Vessel Movement:
    • Produces minimal vessel movement during Anti-Drift correction.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance:
    • Low maintenance and upkeep costs due to intuitive design.
  • Rapid Response:
    • Provides a quick vessel response to Anti-Drift correction.
  • Sensor Options:
    • Compatible with both laser and roller contact drift sensors.
  • Wheel Versatility:
    • Offers a choice of steel or rubber wheels for flexibility.
  • Constant Centerline:
    • Constant Centerline models available.
  • Compatibility:
    • Can seamlessly work with existing drive rolls, enhancing versatility and compatibility.

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