Portable Welding and Gas/Plasma Cutting Machine

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IK-12 NEXT is the latest model of straight line cutting and welding carriages.

Designed to replace the rugged IK-12 Max3, one of the most popular and longest selling cutting carriages in the fabrication industry.
The IK-12 NEXT is an incredibly strong, versatile tractor that is specifically designed to be compatible with most applications. With the ability to adapt to each process, the machine is versatile but still retains a simplistic operating system.


Features & Benefits

  • Multi-function control panel
    The new digital control panel enables the operator to accurately set a wide range of parameters as they relate to each process. With the use of a LCD display, set-up time is greatly reduced and made more repeatable.
  • Powertrain
    Allows for extremely accurate positioning and ensures continuous drive speed and pulling force that is not compromised by power fluctuations or varying load weight.
  • Multi-purpose cutting and welding
    The machine comes standard with the ability to interface to most power sources. Whether cutting or welding, the IK-12 NEXT has a built-in control that will send command signals directly to an attached power source interlock switch.


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