Pipe RollsPipe Rolls
Portable Pipe Rolls
Capacity 3,000-pounds (1,361-kilograms)

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The PRD3 and PRI3 rubber tired Driver and Idler rolls are lightweight portable rolls that can be easily carried and set up at the work site. Despite their compact size, 1 Driver and 2 Idlers have a capacity of up to 4-1/2 ton.





WPR Turning RollsWPR Pipe Rolls
Capacity 5,000-pound load (2,268-kilograms)

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The WPR pipe rolls have a 5,000-pound load capacity and a 3-inch to 24-inch diameter range, 14-inch center setting, 48-inch frame length, 50-2IPM @ 1,200-pound tractive pull, and 30:1 SCR DC drive along with taper lock hubs for wheel adjustment.

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