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Self Aligning | Automatic Pinless Precision Alignment Ideal for Tapered Vessels Rated up to 180 Ton

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Unlock maximum precision and efficiency with our Self-Aligning (SA) Turning Rolls – the ultimate solution for effortless workpiece manipulation. By automatically adjusting the wheel centerline when your vessel is in place, these rolls eliminate the need for couplings or pins. 

Our SA-Rolls, available in various capacities ranging from 15 to 180 tons, effortlessly handle workpieces from 12" to 16' in diameter without the need for adjustments, ensuring suitability for your specific requirements.

The AC variable frequency drives paired with infinitely adjustable centerline settings offer a versatile range of rotation speeds and a simplified alignment system, perfect for tapered vessels. Additionally, (4) wheels per unit provide ample support, ensuring stability even for thin-walled vessels.

Standard hand-held operator pendants are included, with optional foot switch controls available.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Durable Rubber Wheels:
    • Heavy-duty rubber wheels for high load capacity and outstanding longevity.
  • Variable Speed Drives:
    • Equipped with 50:1 variable speed drives for optimal control.
  • Diameter Versatility:
    • Work with vessel diameters ranging from 12" to 16'.
  • Specialty Vessel Support:
    • Easily support traditionally difficult to work with vessels such as tapered or thin-walled. 

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