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TRAC-TRED | Patented Vessel Rotation System Rated up to 24,000 lbs with Customizable Padding Options

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The Trac-Tred Turning rolls provide a solution for safely turning thin walled or precious surfaced cylindrical pieces without marring, wrinkling, or indenting the vessel. The patented Trac-Tred system allows for steady, precise rotation of vessels from 4 to 20-feet, with capacities up to 24,000 lbs.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Track Customization:
    • Choose from a wide variety of pad materials to fit your unique job specifications. 
  • Electrical Safety:
    • NEMA 12 electrical components for enhanced safety and protection.
  • Specialty Vessel Support:
    • Easily support traditionally difficult to work with vessels such as thin-walled. 
  • Hand Control Pendants:
    • Low voltage hand control pendants for precise operation.
  • Variable Speed Drives:
    • Equipped with 50:1 variable speed drives for optimal control.

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