Welding Manipulators


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Koike Aronson / Ransome manufactures a complete line of column and boom welding manipulators which maximize both safety and production with load capacities ranging from 150 lb. to 3,000 lb. ( on each end of the boom).

Column and boom welding manipulators are a versatile and rugged solution to obtain up to 30-feet of lift and reach to duplicate the function of a highly skilled welder.

Manual or powered mobile sub-based cars can be included for varying length weldments and procedures.

Many variations in speeds, controls, and welding equipment can be fitted to a column and boom welding manipulator. Both gear elevated and chain drive lifts are available to meet your needs.

Specially-engineered column and boom welding manipulators are available, please email our positioner sales department to schedule a consultation.

Welding Manipulator Features

  • For positioning welding equipment
  • Precise Reach and Lift ranges from 4 ft to 30 ft
  • Rack & Pinion Elevating System - NO CHAIN LIFT
  • Base can be fixed, portable or mounted on travel car
  • King-pin rotation available for Mast
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