Welding Manipulators

Welding manipulators are often used in pipe, tank and vessel construction. Combined with turning rolls or other positioner equipment options such as the Universal Controller and the Cross Slide Plus  they can perform a variety of automated welding.

Positioners move the work under the welding process equipment. Welding head manipulators move the welding process equipment over the work. Manipulators have advanced in capacity and sophistication to satisfy increased welding automation, higher deposition rates, and to lower labor costs

A welding head manipulator can be very large, with a high-load capacity boom and enough rigidi­ ty to carry an operator. Or it can be a simple mast and boom combination just for holding some spooled wire, controls and the welding head. Welding head manipulators do not get tired, humans do. The manipulator can produce constant weld-metal deposition until the job is completed, no matter how long it takes. It is not uncommon to find a thick-walled pressure vessel that needs a 6 in. (150 mm) groove-weld filled continuously over 12 or more hours.

One manipulator can hold a number of power sources and welding heads and do the entire job nonstop.

Koike Aronson / Ransome manufactures a complete line of column and boom welding manipulators which maximize both safety and production with load capacities ranging from 150 lb. to 3,000 lb. ( on each end of the boom).

Column and boom welding manipulators are a versatile and rugged solution to obtain up to 30-feet of lift and reach to duplicate the function of a highly skilled welder.

Manual or powered mobile sub-based cars can be included for varying length weldments and procedures.

Many variations in speeds, controls, and welding equipment can be fitted to a column and boom welding manipulator. Both gear elevated and chain drive lifts are available to meet your needs.

Specially-engineered column and boom welding manipulators are available, please email our positioner sales department to schedule a consultation.

Welding Manipulator Features

  • For positioning welding equipment
  • Precise Reach and Lift ranges from 4 ft to 30 ft
  • Rack & Pinion Elevating System - NO CHAIN LIFT
  • Base can be fixed, portable or mounted on travel car
  • King-pin rotation available for mast

How to select the correct size of manipulator to best meet your needs

To select the correct size of Manipulator, not only the Reach and Lift Ranges must be determined, but also the required load capacity. The Reach Range is selected according to the desired extreme locations of the Arc horizontally. The Lift Range is selected according to the extreme locations of the Arc vertically. A typical welding set-up is shown in the sketch.

When a Car is used to travel the Arc longitudinally the length of the vessel, the required Track can be determined by adding the length of the Car’s frame to the amount of Arc travel desired. afford the correct total Track length.


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