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Floor Turntables

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Koike Aronson Ransome offers two fundamental types of Floor Turntables, each designed to suit specific size and capacity requirements. These options include a free-standing "A" frame and a free-standing column design.

The "A" frame design suits machines with capacities up to 2,500 lbs, featuring a hollow spindle with pre-loaded tapered roller bearings. This design allows the bearing housing and main support "A" frame to cradle the motor and gear reducer below the table, with no protrusions to prevent interference or damage to parts or equipment.

For machines with capacities exceeding 6,000 lbs., the free-standing column design is used. This design reduces table deflection and minimizes maintenance through a large-diameter slew ring bearing and a central load-bearing column.

All Koike Aronson Inc. / Ransome floor turntables offer variable speed rotation with precise control using variable frequency inverter drives. They ensure highly repeatable rotation axes, maintaining precision within ± 0.005 Inches per Inch of the radius, consistently delivering the desired load, speed, and direction.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Powered Rotation:
    • Effortlessly adjust the machine's positioning with precise 360º powered rotation.
  • Electrical Safety:
    • NEMA 12 electrical components for enhanced safety and protection.
  • Spur Gear Final Drive:
    • Implements spur gear final drive on both tilt and rotation axes for smooth and precise movement.
  • Hand Control Pendants:
    • Low voltage hand control pendants for precise operation.
  • Variable Speed Drives:
    • Equipped with 50:1 variable speed drives for optimal control.
  • AC Brake Motors:
    • Utilizes AC brake motors to enhance safety and control.

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