Koike Aronson Flux Cored Welding Wire Solutions


Koike Aronson has been a supplier of Kobelco flux cored welding wire for many years.

The welding wire products can be used for welding tanks, ships, vehicles, bridges, chemical plant machinery as well as other welding applications.

Kobelco wiring supplies have been manufactured with unsurpassed quality and with consistency for many years.

Kobelco offers a variety of welding wire to meet your specific needs.


Kobe wire has excellent deposition rates, efficiency, and consistent quality. Kobelco is industry-acknowledged for superiority.

Please contact Kobelco (Kobe) to discuss your welding wire needs, request a Mill Certificate (Certs) or check inventory at 800-961-3158.

If you are a Koike Aronson Distributor and would like to get setup with us to buy Kobelco Wire, please contact the KOIKE Manufacturers Sales Representative assigned to your location to discuss and complete all purchasing requirements.


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