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Shell Buggy | Compact Stable Work Platform for Safe Tank Construction

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The Shell Buggy offers an ideal solution for manual operations during tank construction. Positioned atop the tank's upper shell, this compact work platform grants operators access to both horizontal and vertical seams for plates measuring up to 10 feet. It serves various purposes, including preparation, cleaning, or repair, eliminating the need for scaffolding. Fold-down steps or power elevation options ensure operators can reach the entire vertical seam comfortably.

Choose from powered and manual traverse options, each equipped with large lifting eyes for hassle-free loading and unloading on and off the tank shell. With flanged wheels and safety features, it's suitable for materials up to 1 inch thick, ensuring versatility and safety in your tank construction processes.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Versatile Plate Handling:
    • Accommodates plates of varying sizes, with a capacity to handle plates up to 10 ft.
  • Robust Weight Capacity:
    • With a sturdy weight capacity of 300 lbs (112kg), the Shell Buggy can efficiently support the operator and necessary equipment during tank construction.
  • Wide Range of Tank Diameters:
    • Supports tank diameters from 15 ft. and up.
  • Versatile Plate Handling:
    • Supports plate handling up to 1 inch.
  • Flexible Horizontal Travel Options:
    • Choose between manual or powered horizontal travel options, granting operators control and convenience during tank construction.
  • Convenient Elevation Control:
    • The Shell Buggy offers both manual and powered elevation features, ensuring operators can adjust the platform's height to suit their needs during tank preparation and construction.
  • Spacious Work Platform Area:
    • The platform provides a generous work area measuring (26"x 50") inches, offering ample space for operators to perform tasks comfortably and efficiently.

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